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About Us

We're Amy and Kevin:

tricksters, co-conspirators, nuzzlers, and digital nomads.


In the early days of April 2017, we traded life-as-usual for life-on-the-road. We’ve been creating, loving, working, figuring out the conundrums of existence (and where to sleep next week) while living on the road with our beloved Familiar, Maneki.


But something's about to change.

Instead of looking for the next Airbnb to rent, we'll soon be deciding where to park Stella Starshine. She’s a 28’ lean, clean, dream-queen-airstream love machine, and she’ll be our tiny house on wheels while we’re coddiwompling our way through life and overland adventures.


Where will Stella the space pod, and the map of our wild hearts take us?


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Who are we?


We are curious, compassionate, and dedicated to finding a more playful way to live. We are wild about life and tuning-in the whimsical guidance of our inner kiddos. We believe in serious play. We are devoted to lightening-up in a world that feels the weight of overburdened hearts. To use the words of David Grimes, “If we’re not having fun, we’re just not being serious enough.” We are excited to be on this adventure and eager to share the journey with you. We may stumble a bit while finding our footing, but that’s how we've made some of our best discoveries.

About Kevin

  • King of the Road (sans the crown and scepter)
  • Swashbuckler and Lionhearted Trickster
  • Whirly-bird Captain
  • Wrangler of Annoying Difficulties
  • Weblog Whisperer
  • Amy’s home

About Amy

  • Voice of the Travelog
  • Rambling Revel-rouser
  • Rhapsodist and Shutterbug
  • Wildlife Magnet
  • Comfort Artist and Pillow Thief
  • Kevin’s home